About us:

Years ago, this heart warming message was ignited under the guidance of Dr. Abbas Roohbakhsh in a small gathering of individuals. Today, it is presented to the Iranian community in the large and coordinated Nava ScientificYoga Institute whose leading ideals are flexibility, exercise, and tranquility.
Yoga is the path to concentration and transcendence, which makes the union between body and mind possible, as well as the union between man and all creation. It nurtures human potentials and spreads insight and friendship. Based on the three crucial tenets of holistic perspective, systems thinking, and the laws of evolution, Yoga teaches us that even with the many difficulties we face every day, we can live under the auspices of wisdom, peace, brotherhood, harmony and balance.
With this approach, Nava relies on three basic principles: protecting the authenticity of Yoga, avoiding all possible distortions of its integral axioms, and keeping the practicality and scientific aspects of the teachings intact. Most importantly, Nava Scientific Yoga Institute makes every effort to ensure the teachings are compatible with the Iranian-Islamic culture, customs and ethics, and the national laws and codes of conduct. In this path, Nava has taken a firm step in the field of methodical cultivation and advancement of Yoga.